Paris / July 11th - 13th, 2018

+ Fab City Campus unveiled on July 14th and open until July 22nd

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The Fab City Summit gathers the core team behind the Fab City Global Initiative, which aims to develop a new model for cities to produce everything they consume by 2054.

The third edition of the summit is going to be organized in Paris between July 11th and 13th and will be hosted by the Fab City Grand Paris Association, the Paris City Council and the Fab City Foundation.

The event will be followed by a Fab City Campus all over the Parc de La Villette that will include prototypes, installations and workshops open to the public until July 22nd.

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July 11th

Fab City Lab

The Fab City Summit opens with an invitation-only event on July 11th hosted at the city of Paris Town Hall.

The location is a symbol of the strong collaboration between the City Council and the members of Fab City Grand Paris Association.

July 12th and 13th

Fab City Conference

Cities, Industry and Society gather for two days of inspirations and networking to shape a common vision of the Fab City Movement.

Keynotes, Conferences, Meetups, Masterclasses and Workshops and much more.

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Unveiled on Friday 14th

Fab City Campus

The Fab City Campus is a short-term intervention that will showcase local and international experiences and prototypes of Fab Cities.

It will include exhibitions, workshops for citizens and guided tours of local Fab Labs and makerspaces involved in the Fab City project.



FAB 10 - Barcelona


Fab City Campus - Amsterdam


FAB 11 - Boston


FAB 12 - Shenzhen

Fab 14 +

The 2018 Fab City Summit in Paris is the opening event of FAB14+, the annual international gathering of the fab lab network (more than 1000 members) that will happen in France for the first time this year.

The Fab City Summit will be followed by the Fab Distributed and the Fab Conference and Symposium in Toulouse.

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