Paris / July 11th - 13th, 2018

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The Fab City Summit gathers the core team behind the Fab City project, which aims to develop a new model for cities to produce everything they consume by 2054. The third edition of the summit is going to be organized in Paris between July 11th and 13th, and will be hosted by the Fab City Grand Paris Association, the City Government of Paris and the Fab City Foundation.

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FAB 12 - Shenzhen


FAB 10 - Barcelona


Fab City Campus - Amsterdam


FAB 11 - Boston

Fab 14 +

Each year members of the fablab network (more than 1,000 worldwide Fab Labs) gather to share, discuss, collaborate and create communities around the different local and global interests regarding digital manufacturing, innovation and technology. This international gathering is hosted each year in a different city (FAB 10 in Barcelona in 2014, FAB 11 in Boston in 2015,  FAB 12 in Shenzhen in 2016 and FAB 13 in Santiago de Chile in 2017) and for the first time in 2018 it will happen in France, first entire country instead of a single city to host the event, with a new extended format named FAB 14 +. The 2018 Fab City Summit in Paris is the opening event of the FAB 14 + and will be followed by the Fab Distributed and the Fab Conference and Symposium in Toulouse, main event of the FAB 14 +.

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