Fab City Summit

JULY 11th – 22nd, 2018


The Fab City Summit 2018 is an invitation to take part of the transformation towards a more sustainable and accessible future for the cities that become locally productive and globally connected through collaboration and disruptive technologies.

Fab City is a movement that aims to transform the way we consume and produce almost anything in cities, making them more sustainable and resilient, by enabling local production and global collaboration using traditional knowledge and advanced technologies.

The third edition of the summit is going to be organized in Grand Paris due to it’s fertile territory with a lot of initiatives around circular economy. It will be hosted by the Fab City Grand Paris Association, the Paris City Council and the Fab City Foundation.

Organised by

Fab City Grand Paris
Mairie de Paris
Fab City Collective
11th of July

Fab City

For city leaders

The Fab City Summit opens with an invitation-only event on July 11th hosted at the city of Paris Town Hall.

The location is a symbol of the strong collaboration between the City Council and the members of Fab City Grand Paris Association.

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Thursday and Friday
12-13th of July

Fab City

For professionals

Cities, Industry and Society gather for two days of inspirations and networking to shape a common vision of the Fab City Movement.

Keynotes, Conferences, Meetups, Masterclasses and Workshops and much more.

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Unveiled on Saturday
14th of July

Fab City

For general public

A short-term intervention that will showcase local and international experiences and prototypes of Fab Cities.

It will include exhibitions, workshops for citizens and guided tours of local Fab Labs and makerspaces involved in the Fab City project.

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Neil Gershenfeld (USA)

Professor and Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms

Danielle Wood (USA)

Professor and Director of MIT's Space Enabled Research Group

Indy Johar (UK)

Architect and Founder of 00 (

Sherry Lassiter (USA)

President of
the Fab Foundation

Dave Hakkens (NL)

Designer and creator
of Precious Plastic

Saskia Sassen (USA)

Professor of Sociology at Columbia University

Eric Pan (CN)

Founder and CEO of Seeed Studio

Ron Eglash (USA)

Professor of Science and Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Our Partners

They work with us to implement the Fab City model.

Join the Fab City Campus!

Free outdoor activities
14th – 22nd July

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