Wednesday July 11th - Paris


An international event organized by the City of Paris and the European Commission, in collaboration with the Fab City Grand Paris Association and the Fab City Global Initiative.

The Fab City Lab will gather local political leaders, experts in innovation ecosystems and companies. Together we will share experiences and best practice around concrete projects to demonstrate our collective commitment to the Fab City movement.

Fab City Lab is invitation only

Fab Cities have
concrete solutions

In response to major urban challenges such as climate change and social exclusion, Paris has implemented a global strategy in order to be a more sustainable and resilient city. This strategy relies on a re-localisation of production units within the city, and on the support of projects with zero-kilometre and zero-waste approaches. The aim is to reach 50% autonomy in terms of agriculture, energy and manufacturing goods and services by 2054, and to share best practices with the global network of Fab Cities.


Thanks to digital technologies, it is now possible to define and make solutions for cities to be productive, sustainable and inclusive. Paris, following the Fab City principles and network, is now reinventing the relation between producing, consuming and living in order to improve the general quality of life and the preservation of natural resources. Since 2016, Paris has been member of the international network of Fab Cities and will host the Fab City Summit from 11th to 13th of July, 2018.

As a pioneering Fab City, Paris is leading the organisation of a key event for global collaboration and actions in the future of cities on 11th July: the Fab City Lab. This day will be dedicated to sharing best practices among the Fab City network city members and the finalists of the 2013, 2015 and 2017 iCapital contests. Launched by the European Commission, iCapital highlights innovative methods and projects that are implemented across European cities. Paris was awarded the title of the European Capital of Innovation 2017, for its Fab City strategy ´Fabricating The Future´.

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9.30am – 12.30pm


2.30pm – 6.00pm


Hosted by the City of Paris and the European Commission

  • Anne Hidalgo – Mayor of Paris
  • Carlos Moedas – European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation


How do we plan and build productive cities, to become more sustainable, resilient and inclusive?

Chaired by Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy-Mayor of Paris in charge of urbanism and innovation.

Fab City manifesto

Introduced by Fab City Grand Paris and Fab City Global Initiative

  • Vincent Guimas – Fab City Grand Paris
  • Tomas Diez – Fab City Global Initiative | Fab Foundation

Six thematic workshops

  • Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Local Energy Production and Energy Recovery
  • Urban Logistics
  • Sustainable Food & Urban Agriculture
  • Local Economy and Emerging Sectors
  • Local Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Fab City Lab (July 11st) is an invitation-only event.

In order to apply for an invitation,
please submit a request at [email protected]

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