Thursday July 12th and Friday 13th - Paris


Public Institutions, Industry and Society meet in Paris to define the path towards the future of Productive Cities

Fab City Global Initiative

The rapid urbanisation process of the last century has been possible thanks to the industrial revolution and the assembly line, which allowed to rapidly reproduce and replicate infrastructure, products and urban morphologies around the world.

Cities of today reflect the standardization and linear economy in how the urban dynamics operate: they consume most of the world’s resources and generate most of world’s waste (according to the United Nations).

On the other hand, the exponential growth of digital technologies (computation, communication, fabrication) of the last decades offers the opportunity to enable a transition towards a model based on a global and distributed flow of data (and knowledge) and local flow of materials.

Fab City connects globally networks of hyper-local infrastructures for fabrication, production and distribution of goods and resources.

By adopting these strategies, cities can radically transform the way production and consumption happens within their metropolitan regions, by replacing standardisation with smart customisation, focusing on interconnected processes instead of isolated products, and more importantly: empowering citizens and communities.

The Fab City Global Initiative is an action plan for cities to operate this shift and then become more resilient through the relocalization of the production of energy, food and products, and by enabling a global community of designers, makers and thinkers that amplify and multiply the scale of this important transformation.

Fab City Summit Paris

Our challenge

The Fab City Summit is a milestone event of the movement in which cities, industry and society converge to shape a common vision of the Fab City Global roadmap for the next years.

Cities have a unique opportunity to reinvent themselves in a moment of convergence of technologies and disciplines
Cities are the perfect playground to enable a transition based on experimentation and prototyping, using the power of open source collaboration and bottom-up processes
We need to enable a new form of experimental urbanism, in order to change the current operating system under which economy, society and ecology seem to be trapped into.
Cities currently hold more than 50% of the global population and will hold more than 70% of the population by 2050.
They are responsible for more than 70% of carbon emissions while occupying only 3% of the planetary surface.
Under the current industrial paradigm and rate of resource consumption, we will need three planets to sustain human life in urban environments

We raise three big questions



Is our current productive model reversible?

Can we change its logics?



Can we scale up a new urban paradigm or a massive change?



Which are the emergent scenarios that we have as a civilisation?

We gathered inspiring and forward thinking experts and enthusiasts.

July 12th



· Inclusive urbanism and open cities.
· Social justice and decolonisation in the digital age.


· New forms of making an impact, while making business.
· Emergent governance models for bottom-up movements.


· Public Space on Earth.
· Beyond Earth exploration and its impact.

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July 13th

Distributed Meetup

7 Talks

Fab City Collective | Design & Networks | Natives | Fab Labs for transition | Circular Economy | Circular Cities | Cities Network

16 Workshops

Distributed Manufacturing | Open Design and Circular Economy | Territory Activation | Aerocene | Open Source Food Platform | Food Design | Collective Intelligence for Civic Commons | Open Source Library of Natural Materials | Productive Cities Toolkit | Flexible Architecture for Host Cities | Computational Design | Blockchain in the Fab City Movement | & more ...

11 Meet-Ups

Aerocene | Food | Mobility | Open Constructions | Care | Smart Cities | Space Ecologies | Energy | Fab City Challenge | Micro-Factories | & more

Night Party

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We've curated a cross-disciplinary mix of the best ideas and practices from the Fab City network.

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July 12th and 13th

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